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The AccessModifer Plug-in for Eclipse allows the user to change the visibility (public, protected, default, private) and other modifiers (final, static, synchronized) of Java classes, interfaces, enums, annotations, methods and fields in the workbench's Outline, Members and Package Explorer views.

The plug-in is developed and maintained by Nils Winkler. All functionality was implemented and tested on Eclipse 3.7 running with JDK 1.6. For compatibility with other versions of Eclipse, please take a look at the download page.

The plug-in lets you modify the access modifiers of classes, interfaces, enums, annotations, methods and fields through a popup menu. The following choices are available, each one changing the selected items' visibility:


In addition to changing the visibility of the marked element, you can also set or unset the final, static and synchronized modifiers:

 final not finalfinal/not final
 static not staticstatic/not static
 synchronized not synchronizedsynchronized/not synchronized

For latest news about the AccessModifier Plug-in, downloads and other helpful information check out the project's SourceForge page.

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