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Select one or more methods, fields, interfaces, classes, enums or annotations in the workbench's Outline, Members or Package Explorer views:

Mark the element you want to change.

Open the selected items' context menu and the "AccessModifier" submenu, where you will see ten choices:

 not staticnot static
 not finalnot final
 not synchronizednot synchronized

Select an item from the menu.

Click one of the presented menu items, and the selected items' modifier will change accordingly. The first four choices change the selected elements' access modifier, while the static/not static, final/not final and synchronized/not synchronized options toggle the elements' static, final or synchronized attribute.

After using the plug-in.

Please note that the files containing the selected elements will be saved after performing the changes.

Invalid combinations - e.g. a private method in an interface are not allowed, the plug-in prevents their execution. So selecting a class and choosing synchronized from the AccessModifier menu will not set the class to be synchronized, since synchronized is not a valid modifier for a class. The following table is used to check for valid combinations:

  Class Interface Field Interface Field Method Interface Method Constructor Inner Class in Class/Enum Inner Interface in Class/Enum Inner Class in Interface/Annotation Inner Interface in Interface/Annotation Enum Inner Enum in Class/Enum Inner Enum in Interface/Annotation Annotation Inner Annotation in Class/Enum Inner Annotation in Interface/Annotation Annotation Method

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